DIY Living Room Wall Decor Behind a Sofa Tips

A room is left by an empty wall behind the living room couch looking dull and lifeless, particularly an empty white wall. Yet, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to decorate an living room empty wall. Some interesting photographs and a small paint can tie all of your room together.

living room wall decor

When picking a paint colour, decide the one that complements your decor. Photographs for the wall could be either pictures or graphics.

Instructions for DIY Living Room Wall Decor Behind a Sofa

  1. Remove all of the furniture from your own living room wall and put the tape round the borders of the flooring and around any outlets.
  2. Pour two to three inches of paint right into a roller sheet. Dunk the paintbrush to the paint and cut the paint over the ceiling. Hold the brush with an angle and paint over the border.
  3. After the paint is dry transfer the furniture back to the space.
  4. Gauge the living room wall supporting the sofa to observe exactly how many images you’ll be able to hang there. One big image, three moderate sized images or six little images would all work.
  5. Quantify an equivalent space for every single image but strive to hang them at eye level. Pile them in addition to each other with 2 to 3 inches between each image, if you’re hanging six little images.
  6. Hold image hangers from the wall in the required places and put a nail to the hole. Beat the nail to the wall. Hang the images in the hangers.